hi everyone

just because you can’t see, or touch  it does’t means it not  exists.. but exist inside my brain and lots of brains since last century when the “inteligent man created first computer code line..”

some one had sayed  it that before me ?  i think so., but certenly, my goald  is not to be the  new Columbus ofthe 21 century who will discovering the gold on the PHP Code.

I m just a modest mortal playing this adventure from Mexico  who spent hundred hours learning SCO Unix (and the others NIX top ranking on the end of de WK2, do you remember thta? i do.. ) ; To me those times was specials moments because i knoed the importance and sustancial that Nix topics learn means by my future as Consultor, just under the fascination of the Unix Console Code i had lots of time the sensation to talk with God, .. almost some like that, but then and now as experimented programmer connectivity and deveolop of Ecommerce and Business applications , i just trying to squeezing   my brain  every night (or day ?. “time is relative acoding with a Poet) just to feed my


to know more and more about, to the end  to

sweet taste of triumph